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#DayInTheLife II 

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The Fight

Being right don’t mean shit

In a world that’s all wrong

I ask God to be patient 

In turn he asks me to be strong 

I watch after my own 

I pray for others to see light 

I move on with my business

Keep my priorities in sight

I walk along the water 

And I smile at the waves

For even they are uncertain 

Of which way they are to behave

I smile at the darkness

Make friends with my moles 

Did you question me for a second

That I would never give in to your roles

I cringed at your silence 

Now I ask for your praise 

Just recognize my spirit

Is not one to be played 

You ostracize me for my credo

You demean my beliefs

I wonder who is in place

And who is truly deceased

I wreak of no havoc

Let chaos fall beside me

For if you feed it nutrition

It will grow like HGH

I skip to the madness 

I run past the sighs 

Next time you see me I’ll be different 

I can promise you, that’s time

I lack in evil departments 

So I humbly go the course

I write like I’m a goddess 

I sing like I’ve always known the verse

I tremble at your absence 

I grow strong in your empty space

Whoever you are please don’t find me

Unless you’re willing to quit the chase

I dream of something different

Yet I accept the plight 

I know this poem is over

Because you still think I want to fight. 

A Message For Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

You are one of the youngest heads of state. You are currently 44 years old, and you lead as the head public servant, policymaker and diplomat of Canada, a country that millions worldwide would love to call home.

As a Canadian citizen, I cannot say the same.

Since returning to Canada from studying in the UK and a brief trip to The United States to witness Occupy Wall Street in 2011 I have experienced some of the worst human rights abuses taking place in plain sight, in the very country in which you run. These human rights abuses still take place every single day.

You and I both know what is taking place, but many people do not. People who witnessed my “unfolding” online most likely watched in horror as a young woman they once knew to be polite and people-pleasing in nature began turning into someone else.

While the Quebec government facilitated my involuntary confinement to psychiatric wards in hospitals where doctors actively experimented on my person, namely my mind and body, the Canadian government sat idly by and just watched as one of it’s most promising citizens floundered, drowned and nearly died, all under the watch of the public through social media, as well as the government through surveillance, both inside and outside of the hospital grounds.

I am not here to blame anyone for anything. In fact, I am well beyond that point. I simply want to help. I want to help myself and I want to have access to the resources to actively help the Canadian citizenry. I feel in doing this, this is how I can best help the world.

Contrary to what many may believe due to my previous promotion of The Redesign, a concept I am sure your government is aware of, I happen to believe a lot of the world’s infrastructure is absolutely beautiful. But I believe there are ways in which we can improve, and I do not think anyone on this planet would argue against the need for change.

I have been homeless, and I have stayed at some of the world’s most luxurious spas. I have slept on airport floors and I have slept on the high thread count sheets of the St. Regis Hotel. I have eaten free meals provided to vulnerable women, and I have sat in some of the world’s finest bistros. I have travelled the world, visiting 4 continents, and studied at some of your most revered institutions and I have educated myself while institutionally confined and while living on the streets.

I am a published writer, independent musician, political analyst and social justice consultant. I have two degrees, a DEC, and high school diploma.

And, I am homeless.

Is something wrong with that?

You decide.

The intention of this message and the intention behind the accompanying YouTube video is simple: I would like to be employed as a special consultant on the legalization of marijuana. I know that The Task Force will be submitting it’s report in November 2016 and has committed to the legalization of marijuana by Spring 2017. I would like to join this process, and help the government with the transition of marijuana from a Controlled Schedule II substance to one that is readily available to patients, and recreational users in a responsible manner.

I understand the marijuana issue from multiple levels and unlike many other people you can have the guarantee that my first intention will be protecting youth and children from interacting with the drug irresponsibly.

I have multiple ideas for how the transition can and should take place including a plan for education, media, distribution, regulation, and consumption, as I have been readily studying the issue from multiple angles.

I believe that the government, in order to re-install public trust in it’s position in society, needs to encourage the voices of those advocating for change in the processes of change, such as with the legalization of marijuana.

I am not looking for a free ride; just as I never have. I am actively working everyday despite my current circumstances and surviving in a society that has proven itself harsh to women in vulnerable positions.

You campaigned based on change, I haven’t seen it. But if you are in fact about it….you know where to reach me.

Just please use a direct means this time.

Best wishes in overcoming the challenges you face as a public servant in 2016.

Sincerely yours,

Arielle London


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